And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. John 12:32

At Grace Fellowship Academy, we believe that traditional academic subjects taught from a Biblical worldview provide the greatest possible education for our children. In a hybrid school, this goal is accomplished with the forging of relationships and methods that support and respect the autonomy and values of each individual family. You may already be homeschooling with a curriculum you really like. Can you still find value at Grace Fellowship Academy? Absolutely! The Abeka curriculum is a foundational approach to academics that fits nicely alongside other curricula.


What About Curriculum?

Choosing the right curriculum is one of the most challenging aspects of schooling at home. Considering the best curriculum for a larger group of students can be even more daunting!

While GFA puts great emphasis on the autonomy of parents in their children’s education, an organized, community effort like a structured classroom requires that everyone be on the same page – at least during the time we’re together.

This is the reason we chose Abeka as our in-house curriculum. Abeka has been writing Christian curriculum for 60 years and is the world’s most popular choice among homeschoolers. The easy-to-follow instructional approach, practical scaffolding, and cross-subject (unit study) integration make it a reliable program with proven results. Abeka is particularly effective in its phonetic approach to reading, which is so important during the first years of schooling.

While in class at GFA, students will receive instruction on the scheduled academic topics of the week. After class, parents will be given instructions and materials needed to reinforce and expand on that lesson at home the following day. The GFA staff will be available to help parents navigate the lesson plans and teach their children. When students return to the GFA classroom, they will have an opportunity to review and solidify their understanding of the material. While there is the expectation that all students study before class and be prepared to move forward, the goal is for the child to learn and foster a love of learning, and not to be mastered by an inflexible curriculum. We encourage our families, in fact, to enhance the learning experience at home with materials that meet their specific tastes and academic goals. A child’s educational journey is enriched by exposure to texts and experiences that integrate their own family’s culture and values.

The GFA Classroom…

Our goal is to limit class size to no more than 10 students in Kindergarten-3rd grades.  This allows us to provide individualized attention and adequate oversight. We anticipate classes during our first year of operation will be blended and will be organized as a K-1st grade class and a 2nd-3rd grade class. These blended classes will be limited to 10 students per class, total. Our teachers are college educated, many with advanced degrees and teaching certifications. Grace Fellowship Academy follows the Abeka curriculum, utilizing the traditional student textbooks and student activity worktexts/manuals.  We will not be using e-books or e-workbooks. All at-home resources utilized by GFA will be from the Abeka curriculum but, of course, parents are encouraged to use resources of their choosing.

Our teachers will develop lesson plans, teach core subject material, evaluate assignments, and assign grades.  Students will receive quarterly report cards.

Teachers employed by GFA will meet the following expectations:

• A deep desire to serve and please the Lord.

• A love for children and a desire to see each of them succeed.

• Teaching experience.

• Advanced education. Most of our teachers hold a teaching degree and many have, or are currently, homeschooling their own children.

Our classroom is located at the
Oriental First Baptist Church in the fellowship hall area.

605 Broad Street, Oriental North Carolina

Faculty & Staff Info...

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The GFA Classroom Schedule…

Grace Fellowship Academy operates on the local school calendar on the following schedule:

Monday School at Home
Tuesday GFA: 8:30 - 12:00 On Campus
12:00 - 2:00 Optional Recreation Site
Wednesday School at Home
Thursday GFA: 8:30 - 12:00 On Campus
12:00 - 2:00 Optional Recreation Site
Friday School at Home

We will be following the Pamlico County School calendar with the exception of our start and end dates. Our first day of school will be Tuesday, September 3, 2024 and our last day of school for the 2024-25 school year will be Thursday, May 29, 2025.

Local School Calendar:

Policies of GFA

As with all schools there are policies that should be abided by. Read all about our policies and our code of conduct.