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A Letter from our Director:

Hello and welcome!

We are thrilled to offer Grace Fellowship Academy to you and to our community!

Grace Fellowship Academy follows the hybrid, or university, model of schooling that invites homeschooling parents to partner with a traditionally structured Christian school. Students spend several days each week at school, and several days learning at home with a guided curriculum. As a former homeschooling mom and classroom teacher, I believe this approach is profoundly beneficial for homeschooling families.

Truly a “best of both worlds” combination, Grace Fellowship Academy offers excellent classroom instruction using a time-tested, foundational curriculum while providing as much at-home academic and planning support as needed. Our Board of Directors and faculty are particularly sensitive to the needs and concerns of homeschoolers and our model is built on flexibility and effectiveness. GFA also gives students and parents a like-minded community that encourages them to socialize and grow together.

Our Board of Directors is committed to serving our Lord, parents, students, and community through prayer, steadfastness, and a dedication to academic excellence.

GFA Board Secretary, Monica Rogers, is a former homeschooling parent, co-op science teacher and Sunday school teacher. She has dedicated her life to ministry and has served alongside her husband, Rev. Mark Rogers, in pastorship for 5 years.

Our Board Treasurer, Caroline Keel, was a career businesswoman with a background in management, sales/marketing, and budgeting. A committed Christian with a tender heart for women and children, she has a history of service to family, women’s outreach, Christian missions, and Christian schools.

I am currently serving as our Board President – my second such experience in this role! A former homeschooling mom, classroom teacher, Christian school co-founder, and principal, I come to this new endeavor with lots of experience and dedication.

We believe that traditional academic subjects taught from a Biblical worldview provide the greatest possible education for our children. In a hybrid school, this goal is accomplished alongside the forging of relationships and with methods that support and respect the autonomy and values of each individual family.

If you’d like to learn more about Grace Fellowship Academy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Reach out to me personally at the email address or phone number below.

With joy,

Tina Cowell

Grace Fellowship Academy Board of Directors - Tina Cowell, Director - Caroline Keel, Treasurer - Monica Rogers, Secretary

From Left to Right:
Tina Cowell – Director, Caroline Keel – Treasurer, Monica Rogers – Secretary

Faculty & Staff:

Tina Cowell

Tina Cowell

Board Director

Caroline Keel

Caroline Keel

Board Treasurer

Monica Rogers

Monica Rogers

Board Secretary